Faucet update

June 8, 2020, by Admin

Hello Everyone

1-good news for our site   we adding the faucet option to our user to earn more  btc

you can start earning every 5 mint  

with 20 % for Referral  .


2- removing all popunder link from all body site  just in the faucet page 

we happy to serve our user and if you have any thing you want

dont hitstate to contact us on telegram group 

3- the claim rate in  the site updateing according btc/usd price 


new upgrade

June 5, 2020, by Admin


Hello Everyone.

We really apologize for the inconvenience you may faced during this time but it is necessary to upgrade the script.

Good news is that now users can deposit balance to their account balance. Not only that now users can advertise their website using their account balance. This update is essential for the upcoming updates and addons to work properly.

Visit Advertise > Buy Ads from balance to place an ad or to check your ad stats.

Stay connected with us to earn more


We wish you all a very good prosperity.

Best Regards

skybtc upgrade

May 2, 2020, by Admin

 we produce some improve  for site to run up of user profit

1- New Referral Contest  will become in every month you can start now and enter this contest  her.

2- Faucets list  include all faucets in faucetpay  and with multi coin you can run up your profit  start her .

3- Short links earning you can boost your earning every day by complet Shortlinks  and earn more start her.

&will improve more and more and we will upgrade the withdrawals level by the time  to make good stability for site

for any support or help we are her

skybtc Benefits

April 23, 2020, by Admin

1 account per user  no vpn or proxy any account illegal will get band

Earner Benefits
Simple and easy-to-use user interface.
Earn 4 to 24 satoshi per click.
Earn from Survey and offers .
Unlimited direct referral earnings life-time.
withdrawal above 40000 from offers wall will binding until  paid from surveys company  15-30 day
withdrawal for huge amount will process within 2 day.
Get 10% commission for your referral clicks. Get 5% commission for your referral advertising spendings.
Minimum withdrawal is only 150 satoshi via faucetpay or expresscrypto  instantly now and we will change it soon
More features coming soon...

Advertiser Benefits 
All visitors are bitcoin users.
CPC starts from 9 Satoshis.
Access detailed statistics of your campaign.
Choose a duration between 10 to 200 seconds.
Advanced anti-cheat protection.
Your audience will view your ad for the whole duration.
Anonymous advertising, no registration required

SKYBTC Officially Launched!

April 23, 2020, by Admin

Hello everyone, 

Thank you for your first visit to SKYBTC. From Today 23-4-2020, SKYBTC is relaunched worldwide again with a new admin owner, also with new stuff and new kind of earning Bitcoin. 

SKYBTC is a Bitcoin-based Paid to click program in this platform, where members can earn free Bitcoin without any spending, And Advertisers can promote their program to thousands of crypto interested people. 

 We are still developing the program, there will be a lot of advertising methods as well as a lot of free income opportunity for people, another way also of earning offers and surveys as an addon to the site to improve the earning of members and we will improve it with time and developing any good way to earn more,

Both Purchase and Withdrawals in SKYBTC is automatic and instant to Faucetpay account, Keep promoting and build your income base.

 We will add a simple explanation topic to learn all the terms and processes of the work in the SKYBTC. 

Withdrawals and payment updates every time and all of you can see from this link  Payment Proof  .

we will inform all of the updates happen in SKYBTC every time. 

Happy earning and good luck to you all.  

Kind regards.Admin 
M.Micheal McCulley.