Frequent Asked Questions

What is skybtc (skybitcoin)?

skybtc is a free rewards platform where you can earnbitcoin by viewing advertisment or doing offers and wewill upgrade new future very soon.

Can I open multipleaccounts?
No. Multiple accounts will be all suspended.  notice using also ipaccount or using add block your account will band

Can I earn btc from offers&survey ?
yes you can earn point from offers &survey in offer wall section  after that you can convert yourpoint to real satoshi and use it or withdrawal to yourbitcoin address 

how much the point equal tosatoshi  ?
the 1 point in our sysem conected to theThe exchange rate changes based on the Bitcoin USD priceand update every time   for example 1point =1satoshi   another example 1point = 0.7satoshi   you can see live value of point herin this link

how much can iam earn fromofferwall and how i will withdrawal my earning ?
according your work on the site you can earn to many point and covert it to satoshi in yourdashboard.  about the withdrawal you can dodirectly after finished from offer company  andsome company hold you point until confirmation of youranswer or not   if process good you will seepoint in your account if no you will see in holdingvalue

how much can iwill earn from viewing PTC or SURF ads?
according your work on the site you can earn fromptc window view or from surf page and every sitestart from 5 sat per click until 80 sat per clickand this value change every time to help user toearn more bitcoin and inform all in news page andyou can level up your earning from referral moreuser and earn from your referrals

The ad is not loading. What do I do?
We have no control over advertiser websitesand we can't prevent them from going offline. If thetimer does not start when the website fails to load,try using Google Chrome.
( must see our timer work)  until tell you youtake you sat

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online and secure virtual currency. It is already accepted as a payment method by many many online and offline vendors. Check out WeUseCoins. You can get a bitcoin wallet instantlyhere.


What is Bitcoin  address ?
bitcoin  address is addresslink to faucetpay  our provider is faucetpay and we will adding more  micro wallet with the time. about direct  pay we provider asdirect sending way  you can openaccount her and make bitcoin address.

What is the minimum forwithdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00000300.We charge a fee of 0% for all withdrawals for microwallet only  

How long does it take to receive my bitcoins?
All payments are processed instantly until 30000the amount above this value will review by staff andsending manually to you to confirm your work especiallyif do many offers or survey , if you fail to receiveyour payment for any reason, you can simply try againlater. or contact support . the max time to paid forreviewed account 72 business hours. and you can see thewithdrawal statues in your dashboard if process ( paid )or waiting to paid (pending )

What is skybtc general  policy?
1 account  1 ip  no vpn or proxy  orcheat  will get band directly

can iam doadvertise in skybtc ?
yes you can  from 1 account only you can goto ads section and set amount you want and deposit inour address after confirmation you will receive link inyou email to see all ads static

Still havequestion ?
Feel free to email us at